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This week is SUBTRACTIONS 10-20 in 4 minutes 14 times made:
naamnumber correctnumber done
jayden11712625 September
10110425 September
Edward707125 September
586325 September
Uma576026 September
545725 September
515725 September
Uma495226 September
luna444425 September
272926 September
263426 September
203125 September
111326 September
Yasmin101125 September
This week is SUBTRACTIONS 10-20 in 3 minutes 3 times made:
naamnumber correctnumber done
394226 September
mel363725 September
Lamie313425 September
This week is SUBTRACTIONS 10-20 in 2 minutes 69 times made:
naamnumber correctnumber done
Julian575825 September
aardbei546026 September
Thijmen515125 September
495026 September
51485125 September
424326 September
Eline424225 September
424426 September
Macy414325 September
Xavi414225 September
Niek404125 September
Tobias404425 September
394025 September
stijn393925 September
394426 September
stijn383826 September
373825 September
373926 September
Roan363625 September
364225 September
54363926 September
353525 September
353926 September
333526 September
felix333725 September
Lareyna333525 September
Noortje323625 September
323325 September
313326 September
Vajèn303225 September
Luigino293825 September
272725 September
Meander272725 September
Feline262725 September
bonbon262726 September
262826 September
252726 September
252825 September
45 46252625 September
45 46242526 September
242425 September
Jamayra232325 September
232526 September
bonbon222426 September
44212225 September
Kyra212325 September
21202125 September
49202126 September
Lynn192225 September
25192526 September
Esmee181925 September
Isabeau161826 September
Noora161925 September
Chanel152425 September
151626 September
141625 September
141626 September
111625 September
Tess111325 September
111425 September
Achmed101126 September
102225 September
91626 September
81726 September
Chelena7725 September
72326 September
Damian6926 September
6626 September
3326 September
This week is SUBTRACTIONS 10-20 in 1 minute 64 times made:
naamnumber correctnumber done
Juf Sabine333525 September
faya292925 September
faya272825 September
faya272725 September
faya262725 September
Sem P232325 September
Kaarel232426 September
Cong232425 September
ines222225 September
feline2212325 September
222325 September
2210625 September
sienna212125 September
Rashanty Offerman212125 September
ines212225 September
212225 September
suze212326 September
ines202225 September
202025 September
Deniz192025 September
Rashanty Offerman182025 September
171725 September
171725 September
ines172125 September
171826 September
louise171825 September
Miep miep boy 1161625 September
jojoavish161725 September
Mex161626 September
henk vd wouw151626 September
jojoavish151525 September
Miep miep boy151525 September
Rashanty Offerman151625 September
sienna151625 September
riyaan141425 September
Miep miep boy 12141525 September
Djaidy.vermeulen141425 September
Miep miep boy141525 September
mel141425 September
Miep miep boy141425 September
sienna131525 September
jojoavish131425 September
christian131325 September
131625 September
Miep miep boy131425 September
christian121225 September
121325 September
121225 September
riyaan121225 September
baboentje babouin121325 September
jojoavish121325 September
111225 September
111125 September
111125 September
101025 September
stach101026 September
baboentje babouin9925 September
kenij de pro91325 September
9925 September
Meerte8826 September
mel7725 September
5626 September
jojoavish43125 September
3425 September